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Suara Tangisan Anak Hilang Ibu

Ini merupakan satu kisah benar bertaraf antarabangsa (bukan takat TV3), membayangkan kecintaan seorang budak kecil terhadap ibu. Ini adalah naluri biasa termasuk binatang juga menyayangi anak masing-masing, apatah lagi dengan manusia. Ini hanya boleh berlaku jika makhluk itu BUKAN binatang atau manusia di bumi ini.

Kepada semua manusia dalam dunia ini, anda juga pernah melalui zaman bayi & budak kecil, adakah anda sudah seperti Kacang Lupa Kulit akan kesayangan kamu kepada ibu anda?

Selepas anda membesar, khasnya yang sudah menjadi ibu-bapa (termasuklah pembunuh dan pengembom mayat), tidakkah anda sayangkan anak-anak anda?

Kepada ibu-bapa, sudikah anak sengaja membiarkan anakanda menjadi anak yatim? Kenapa tidak?

Dengan itu, dengarlah tangisan seorang budak kecil yang daif dan lemah masih menunggu kepulangan ibunya kerana hati kecilnya masih tidak faham apakah maksud pengeboman mayat selepas dibunuh!

Dia masih mendoakan ibunya akan pulang membelai rambutnya apabila dia sakit!

Dia masih mengharapkan ibunya akan pulang esok untuk menemani bermain di padang!

Dia masih menunggu kepulangan ibunya mengajar dia menyiapkan kerja sekolah!

Dia masih meminta masyarakat mencari ibunya pulang agar dia tidak tidur berseorangan waktu malam!

Dia meminta pemimpin negara yang maha berkuasa dan prihatin pulangkan ibunya kerana dia mahu membalas budi kelahirannya! (Binatang juga mengenang jasa dan jaga kelompok masing-masing).

Tanpa satu penjelasan yang masuk-akal, setelah dia dewasa pasti dia akan kutuk keluarga, anak-cucu dan zuriat orang yang mengaikibatkan kehilangan ibunya makan sumpah beliau. Apakah sumpahnya, saya tidak tahu, tunggu dia besar nanti tanyakan.

Hayatilah tangisan air mata seorang budak kecil yang tidak berdosa:

30/08: Slow Progress on Malaysian murder of Mongolian mother raises questions

Category: General Posted by: Raja Petra
Written by Ch.Sumiyabazar, The UB Post

More than three months have passed with no progress of a penalty imposed since a Mongolian woman was brutally murdered in Malaysia. High-profile, public figures of Malaysia have reportedly been involved in the case of Sh. Altantuya, 28, a mother of two, who became a victim of contract killing. She was shot and her body was blown into pieces by explosives in an effort to destroy evidence in last October.

A political analyst who heads Malaysian Strategic Research Center, Abdul Razak Baginda, 47, who is accused of abetting two local police officers in committing the murder of her, tried hard to convince the court he did not order anyone to kill her. Earlier last week, he did tell-all on his affair with Altantuya, who spoke a number of foreign languages fluently.

Altantuya was repeatedly hired by Razak Baginda to interpret at various meetings and high-level business negotiations including ones on weapons trade. It was established that Altantuya was appointed or assigned by Baginda in a Malaysian government’s purchase deal of Scorpene and Agosta submarines from France, which was a multi-billion euro deal. If she had sat on high-level negotiations including ones on weapons trade, she must have a lot of information, which may have cost her life.

S.Shaariibuu, Altantuya’s father, said that Altantuya’s border entry records had been erased in the computer of Malaysian immigration.

Malaysian police and intelligence force have stated they will solve the case in a transparent and just manner. But international, Mongolian and Malaysian human rights organizations have still demanded justice over the case. There are many questions which need answers.

Why would the Malaysian Special Forces personnel currently charged want to murder the victim and then take such a drastic action in an attempt to destroy the evidence? Were they acting on their own volition or were they really carrying out instructions? Who authorized the use of the C4 explosives?

Why on earth does Abdul Razak Baginda need a Mongolian interpreter for the submarine deal in Europe? How can the records of entry on Altantuya and her companions had been erased? Surely their passports had been stamped with the date and place of entry when they first arrived in Kuala Lumpur? It is suspected that the killers of Altantuya were planning to do away with her companions as well so as not to leave any witnesses. Were there instructions from persons higher up to have these records deleted?

The reputation of the Malaysian judicial system, and country of Malaysia that respects the rule of law (I hope), now depends on how they would handle the case. The whole world is watching.

The court of Malaysia has called several trials in the past few months. S. Shaariibuu, who sat in on the court sessions, said that the court primarily focused on praising the respectability of Baginda and his family and showed no concern for the fate of the victim and her bereaved family. The next trial was scheduled to be held on March 10.

Altantuya’s elder son Atanshagai, 9, sent an open letter to Malaysians in Mongolian. The letter was published in Odriin Sonin Mongolian daily newspaper, this week. Here is the letter:

People call me “Joohnoo” (Little in Mongolian). When I was little, I was small, so my mother fondled me and called me “Joohnoo”. Also my mother was a small woman, but she was intelligent, clever. She was seldom a woman.

Brothers and sisters, Malaysian police and dear Baginda:

For those who have seen my mother, how did they get the idea to kill my small mother? Didn’t they think of anything when they killed my mother? Don’t you have a mother or sister?

I was going to school, caring for my sick brother and waiting for my mother. My little, sick brother can talk. He always asks when will his mother arrive? She went so far from us, when will she come back? Whom will I kiss when it is New Year? To whom can I present flowers?
When my classmates talk about their mothers, I feel sad and my tears drop. I am a person even though I am little.

My grandfather arrived from your country; he said your mother died due to culinary intoxication. But I found what happened to my mother from the media and newsletters. I always kiss my mother’s photo and love her in my spirit. I pity my grandmother when she cries, reading the Buddhist sutra and lighting the candle in front of my mother’s photo.

Sometimes, some woman looks like my mother when I walk on the street. I wonder who is that Malaysian person who killed my mother and made me and my brother forever orphans.We need more money now for my brother’s treatment!

I hope that there are kind people, judges and leaders in Malaysia. Hope, they will all help me and my little sick brother.

Please publish my open letter in your newspaper.

From: Son of Altantuya, “Joohnoo” and brother, Mungunshagai.

Nota: gambarajah dalam surat terbuka ini hanya untuk hiasan sahaja; tidak membawa sebarang makna tersurat atau tersirat sehingga keputusan mahkamah diumumkan.

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