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Adakah Anda Setuju Dengan Jed Yoong?

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20 reasons to vote Opposition November 30, 2007
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1. HIGH COST OF LIVING, toll just went up again today, and more fuel and toll increases next year.

2. Police Brutality, most recently ala HINDRAF gathering at Batu Caves, it can happen to you too as long as you are poor and weak.

3. SPIRALLING CRIME while high-profile, well-connected, rich people charged with murder, cheating, criminal breach of trust always seem to be above the law - evidence tak cukup, statement salah, witness missing, judge tidur?

4. Port Klang Free Zone scandal - MCA cock-up under previous president Ling Liong Sik and now mostly absent Transport Minister, Chan Kong Choy.

5. LINGAMGATE - latest in JUDICIARY CRISIS SAGA which began in 1988 with the sacking of then Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas. View video @

6. Dinosaur CABINET MINISTERS ala Rafidah Aziz (also implicated in dishing out Approved Permits for import of vehicles to family members), Samy Vellu who became a Minister the year after I was born - he was appointed in 1979?

7. “Islamisation” - the appearance of Islamisation BUT NOT the values cos a truly Islamic government would be free of corruption, fair and honest.

8. Info Minister Zam Zam Zam and Minister in Prime Minister Department Nazri.

9. Racist Ketuanan Melayu policy by UMNO.

10. Quiet as a mouse MCA — only know how to ‘pocket’ money, ask developers to ‘contribute to nation building eg. building Chinese schools’.

11. Our universities and education system are in the pits thanks to Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of instruction.

12. SMART Tunnel that doesn’t function properly and ironically opens up at flood-prone Salak South/Sungei Besi causing flood water to enter the tunnel via ground level, putting cars in the tunnels at risk.

13. Oil-for-FOOD SCANDAL, in which foreign reports implicated the PM for recommending his sister-in-law’s company for the programme using his office as the then deputy prime minister. Aiyo! RM11bil?????

14. I hear, unconfirmed reports, that they want to build nuclear power stations? Why not just complete the Bakun Dam which would meet some of our energy fuel needs?

15. Sexist MPs

16. Because since the country is going downhill anyway, there is nothing to lose.

17. Because they are ‘robbing’ you in broad daylight.

18. Because the Prime Minister is too nice for his own good. For the record, Pak Lah, I think you are a better person than Dr M and thank you for our new freedoms. It’s unfortunate you have to deal with the remnants of Mahathirism.

19. Because we don’t want to turn into the new Philippines.

20. Because enough is enough.

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